Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration

The Mediasaurs know that the previous 3 sucked. They sucked bad. But we wanted to like them. Now here comes the next installment in CGI? This could be what we all need. And the prayer is that they take a page from SQUARE and do right.

However, when I watch the CGI it looks like an intro cut-scene.

Resident Evil has so much potential it is staggering, and they keep on pumping out the mediocrity. Part 1 had some fun money in it. When those lasers diced the guy into a pile of kibbles and bits, I was amused. So amused in fact that I ripped that scene of the movie and loaded it onto my cellphone. Part 2 had Nemesis. Nemesis was this ridiculously overpowered foe that looked just like he did in the video game. It is unfortunate that he was totally cornball. He was one of those big bad guys you see in the end of any 80s action film. You know, the guy that the Governor of California has to tell to let off some steam while a pipe in his chest blows steam. Nemesis was nothing special. We needed special. Part 3 was fine until there were a bazillion clones at the end. Inna-Gadda Da Vida in the desert was kind of cool. The failed Alice clones were touching in a way. To attain consciousness and see a bunch of dead yous lying around is bound to make you want to go light some fools up. But then again, with Alice completely cloned up and overpowered, it smacked of that episode of Alien where Ripley came back based on a nail clipping. Yes, Ripley could swish a basket by throwing the ball over her shoulder, but she was de-humanized and as a result, impossible to really feel for. Alice went down the same road.

Bottom line? the movies have a lot to be desired. Another sub-floor bottom line is that there was nowhere else for the live action films to go. They had a million overpowered Alices last time I checked, and that was that.

I think that the idea of a completely CG movie about the resident Evil story could be great. It will be fun to look at and there will be some fantastic action sequences. But the issue here is that they did that with the three live-action films. What we need here is PLOT.

I hope Degeneration can do us that simple favor. The trailer really looks like the beginning of a new installment of the game. This is looking like a gimmick, not a film. Final Fantasy Advent Children was a gimmick, but it was a film too. I don't have that same feeling about this one.

Check the trailer:

-Mediasaurus Rex

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