Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So here is how this is going to have to work...

There is going to be a regular column of a paragraph or 30 on the http://mediasaurs.com/ main page. That column will then get archived here, in the MEDIASAURS BLOG when the next one goes up. It is really rather simple.

If you want to contact me, MEDIASAURUS REX, you can through this blog, the main page or the forums attached to the top of the main Mediasaurs page.

BRAND NEW FOR 2009: You can also peruse through my other writings at http://peterdemmon.blogspot.com/

And in all of this, you will see that I am trying to assimilate all of my online personae under just a few umbrellas.

Obviously, the news that hits this blog (outside of movie reviews) will be slightly dated. If you want to be on the razor's edge, then you should be at http://mediasaurs.com/.

So I guess I will get going with this thing now...

Here is Yesterday:

Part of a new thing that we are going to be doing around here is going to be my regular musings. I say regular because I might miss a few days here and there. However, I will be in here as close to daily as possible with a pop-culture musing or rant. The picture to the left is of me. I am not a "gangsta" I just happened to be very cold and crabby one morning when this was shot. I will find a better one and replace this soon enough.MILK is an interesting film. Robert Downey Jr. accused Sean Penn of going FULL-RETARD in TROPIC THUNDER. Well, in MILK, Sean Penn goes FULL-GAY. This film will hurt you, and it is meant to.
We watched CLOVERFIELD last night. It was exactly what I was expecting. It was an ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK/BLAIR WITCH/ALIEN/GODZILLA hybrid. Lame? Hell yes. Entertaining? HELL YES. Someone give that kid who played HUD a Grammy or Oscar or something.
More of my musings can be found HERE. Furthermore, you can catch me in our FORUMS.