Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GRAN TORINO Palette swap

JAN 12, 2009

GRAN TORINO was a horrible movie. Seriously. What the hell is wrong with Clint Eastwood? Everything seemed to be correct in his world, and then he married a local newswoman and got really weird. I have yet to sit through his Iwo Jima movies. Nor do I care to. The last thing that he did of substance was MILLION DOLLAR BABY, and come on...if it hadn't been Eastwood and Freeman holding down the fort, that this would have dried up and blown away.The concept of Eastwood holding down the fort so the project doesn't dry up and blow away is what is supposed to save us with GRAN TORINO. Crotchety Eastwood does indeed act in this film. It is unfortunate that he is saddled with a bunch of non-actors in this film that bog a lot of it down with dysfunctional/dyscomfortable line delivery. It simply doesn't work. The story is contrived. The conflict is a cliche and the conclusion was done better in any number of other movies from COOL HAND LUKE on down.
Lastly, Clint warbles a gravelly blues rendition of his title song in the end credits. I kid you not, it is something like this: Driving in my Gran Torino/wind in my hair...Just because you are old Clint, doesn't men you have to serve us cinematic Metamucil. My palatte was so befouled and soured by this film that last night I fired up THE UNFORGIVEN just so I could see this old man in something decent. Now I need to watch ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE to clear that horrible blues music out of my head with some old school Clint approved honky-tonk.

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