Monday, January 19, 2009


Jan 15th
There are 2 ULTIMATE AVENGERS DVDs out there that you can get your hands on for about three dollars each. ULTIMATE AVENGERS 1 and 2 are a little bit of fun. It is best to consume these in the presence of a 9 year old, but if you have to watch them alone, I am sure that you will have a good time. The first one focuses on THE HULK and how Bruce Banner is keeping himself medicated to keep his raging beast in control. Ultimately, he goes off of his meds and beats everyone to pulp. Iron Man, Giant Man and Captain America get the big green beatdown. There is an outtakes/gag reel at the end of it all that is worth the price of the DVD. Highlighs feature Thor burping and farting while drinking Asgardian Ale.
Next week, the same cartoon house is dropping two more of these films into our collective laps. HULK VS THOR and HULK VS WOLVERINE is a 2 disc DVD and it drops the 27th of January.
Click the this link to see the trailers for both. I have to come right out and say that THOR sucks. He always has, he needs to be killed off. In the trailer, you will see the Hulk plant a body shot on the face of Odin, but really, Thor is tired and stupid.Wolverine has been the flavor of the moment for well over 20 years. It looks like a mature treatment has been done here. Lots of blood and a sprinkling of profanity. The Wolverine trailer looks like a lot of Weapon X explanations with Deadpool and Sabretooth in the mix.
Normally, I don't get excited about cartoons, and I am not sure I am excited about these, but I have to find a 9 year old and watch them both with the quickness.
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I have gotten my hands on said cartoons, I will update once I sit down and watch them with the aforementioned 9 year old.
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