Thursday, January 8, 2009


JAN 07, 2009

I like Kung Fu movies. It sounds awkward saying "Kung Fu" because all sorts of martial arts are involved. I even tried to like that Steven Seagull movie that went straight to video a little bit ago, but it was horrible.
So when TRAPANI came over the other night and started talking about some movie called IP MAN, I paid some skeptical attention. TRAPANI is a thorough fellow and he did the youtube takedown to get me the footage that he wanted me to see. You can see it here. I would suggest watching this thing soon...this is the kind of vid that gets yanked for copyright infringement. The official site is here.These fight sequences are fast and superior. This Donnie Yen kid takes off where it seems Jet Li got lost doing stupid Hollywood blockbusters like THE MUMMY XIV.
I have no idea what "IP MAN" means and if you click the link above, you will also hear that I have no idea what they are saying in this film either.But I need to go headlong into this thing, it stirs me like I haven't been stirred since ONG BAK. Watch the hammer fist beat down. Stop, and watch it again. Have you ever seen anything like that in a King Fu movie? TRAPANI says that the movie itself is rather bland...but wow, I need to watch these fight sequences in context. They are NUTS.
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