Friday, January 23, 2009


JAN 22, 2009

I just watched ROCKNROLLA for the second time. It was a PSP viewing (jacked to the TV) and it was superior. I have been wondering to myself why this thing didn't take off like SNATCH or even have the backroom respect that LOCK STOCK and 2 SMOKING BARRELS had. My conclusion is that there is just too much chatter in this film. In order for ROCKNROLLA to hit its proper pacing, a lot of verbiage has to be delivered. Sure, a lot of it is fun, but it grows tedious. I must say that Guy Ritchie knows his action sequencing. I also have to say that he has a thing about bullet-proof Russians. My favorite scene is when the aforementioned Russians are comparing scars a-la JAWS. Genius.

I followed ROCKNROLLA with LAYER CAKE which is a Daniel Craig film I have started and stopped about thirty times in the past five years. I took the full dosage last night and was impressed. Daniel Craig is smooth. He has always been smooth. He was officially on my radar when I saw him in MUNICH and viola, now he is James fucking Bond. LAYER CAKE is another modern British crime story. Betrayal and lies cloud this film as much as they do ROCKNROLLA.

I would actually be willing to posit that LAYER CAKE is better executed than ROCKNROLLA. However, ROCKNROLLA wins with a stronger plot. LAYER CAKE is that old gangster theme "WHAT CAN I DO" by 8ball and MJG. ROCKNROLLA is a little different, and they both drip with style, style and more style. From smoothly grooved music to crazy shots to ridiculous splatterific violence, both of these films should be consumed back to back. One is the meal, and one is dessert. I am serious, they compliment each other that well.

Oh, and it is always great to hear gangsters running around calling each other poofs, wankers and cheeky bastards. Furthermore, when stuff gets real, someone is bound to yell, "bollocks."

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