Tuesday, January 27, 2009

JAN 26, 2009
With the Academy Awards almost here, I am continuing my contender takedown. Recently I watched Sean Penn work his magic in MILK.

I have to say that there are only a few true chameleons out there who are acting in American film. Sean Penn is one such chameleon. He becomes the character that he acts. The shreds of Sean Penn and who that individual is disappear when he is onscreen. This is mesmerizing.

MILK is one of those stories like VALKYRIE or 300. You know how the thing is going to end. This film doesn't even shy away from that fact and references it as soon as it gets rolling.

But the players, my goodness, the players in this film really put it down. James Franco came out swinging and so did Emile (Speed Racer) Hirsch. Josh Brolin is also coming on strong these days. I have always dismissed him because he has been ushered in nepotism style as the son of James...but he is proving to have some chops. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN was key to my reluctant support of this guy. MILK seems to be the finalizer.

This is an agenda film with a very human drive underneath it all. The push is obviously that anyone who is gay has the same rights as anyone who is straight. This is obviously true, and it is driven home by the vicious arguments and violence against such a way of thought which permeate this film. Harvey Milk was a living, breathing individual who had a different sexual orientation than the general population. All he wanted was the rights for himself and the people of his community.

The film is intense and heartbreaking. Sean Penn has put his soul on the line for this one. I am telling you, this coming Academy Awards is going to be intense.

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