Thursday, January 15, 2009


JAN 14, 2009

What an unfortunate name for a movie. The mediocrity is coursing through Hollywood and this is an example of it. Some of the lamest movie titles have been floating around. KillShot is lame, because a cursory IMDB takedown cites a different movie titled, "Kill Shot" with Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards from back in 1995. The big difference in the movie title being the space between the words KILL and SHOT. Have all of the good ideas in the standard naming conventions of ALL THINGS been used up? Don't get me started on the names of the vehicles on the road. And at this point, it seems that you probably shouldn't get me started with the names of movies in the theaters.

The fact of the matter is that this film is going to be Rourke's next vehicle, and it looks like it is just the thing he can do. Diane Lane is in there and so is Thomas (I-was-miscast-as-the Punisher) Jane. From the trailer, it looks like Rosario Dawson is there for a bunch of titillation, but it doesn't seem that she is a player. Rourke is the man. Anyone who can dress in drag the way he does in ANIMAL FACTORY deserves their own franchise. KILLSHOT drops later this month. It has been delayed and pushed back regularly for some time now. Does it have problems? Probably. But watch that trailer.

This thing is going to rip it up, even if you only Netflix it across.
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