Friday, January 2, 2009


JAN 1 2009

Right out of the gate, I have to ask what is up with MICROSOFT? Apparently all ZUNE music playing IPOD killers froze yesterday. Yes, I gave an 8 gig for a gift, and yes, it froze. I am on my way back to Circuit City after I post this to straighten a manager or two out. Apparently, it has to do with "leap-year programming" or some such trash. All 30 gig Zunes went down yesterday. I have always been anti-IPOD, but it looks like they win this round, and I will exchange this gift that I gave for a Nano-nano oe whateverthehell.Ok, maybe I am the only fanboy on the planet who hasn't taken the bait, but I am not on THE WATCHMEN bandwagon yet.Years ago a friend of mine gave me his bagged and backed comic book series and it proceeded to sit under my bed for 2 YEARS before I finally read it. Then I read it, and I thought it was great. I thought it was cool...but it didn't rock my world. So when I see all of this hype saying that this is some beloved comic book series, I wonder who is engineering the hype train. Whatever the case may be, Zach Snyder is one cool cat. 20th Century Fox has released some new WATCHMEN footage and the interesting thing to me is the was Zach Snyder is holding himself. I loved his DAWN OF THE DEAD over the original. I didn't really think that 300 was spectacular, but it wasn't bad. However THIS NEW FOOTAGE really has my attention.More of my musings can be found HERE. Furthermore, you can catch me in our FORUMS.