Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The title of this movie sucks. SUCKS. It does nothing for the film, and if it wasn't for the gritty movie poster, I would swear that the movie was a Jane Austen book being bigscreened or something.

Outside of the title, there is another GLARING ERROR with this film. The error is named Colin Farrell. Colin Farrell has done absolutely NOTHING for me in the past several years, so why is he going to start with a cop movie named like a Jane Austen book? Farrell is on FAIL until further notice.

So I went into this movie screaming and kicking. Ed Norton? Sometimes he is good, but he is falling fast in my eyes. Jon Voight? The only reason he catches a pass is simply because of DELIVERANCE. The truth of the matter is that I was ready to hate this stuff. I went in with my veins pulsing bile, and I was armed to write this article with a bunch of vicious adjectives that I have been storing for such an occasion. Then something GODLIKE happened. In the opening credits, JOE CARNAHAN is credited as a co-writer. That was when I sat up and paid attention. Joe Carnahan is the last man in Hollywood that I truly respect. He came up from the blue collar gutter, turned around and delivered NARC and SMOKIN' ACES. The man comprehends things. I knew that if Carnahan was on board, then stupid title be damned, I was in for a good ride. I was right.

The previews say it all. There are some crooked cops and there are straight ones trying to get to the bottom of it. Everyone has a slutty New York accent, and the truth is closer to home than you think. John Ortiz does a pretty good job as a Cornrowed Officer with a Conscience. The plot is thick and crunches like clockwork. Yes, it has its Hollywood moment where two men put down their guns and duke it out like street thugs, but the overall satisfaction that I felt at the end of this cop drama was deeper and more satisfying than I went in expecting. Plot twists and some of the most wretched implied violence I have ever dealt with keep this thing rolling down the tracks with purpose. This film was mis-titled. If it had been called anything else, I would have been there sooner.

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