Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sure the original Terminator was a lot of fun. On second thought, it wasn't. The film was cheeseball. I enjoyed when I first saw it as a kid because I didn't know any better. But as my taste matured I realized it was crap. As a matter of fact, when I was in college and T2 dropped, I stayed away from it. I would ask my friends about the violence in the movie and the effects, but I was so sure that it was going to be a deeper burrowing into that initial cheeseball tunnel that I just didn't bother. Years later, I watched it on video and was left slack-jawed. They had done it. They had lifted it from its B-movie cheese into some sort of cheddar or Monterey Jack. With T2, the Terminator series transformed into some decent sci-fi and not the kind of stuff that one doesn't admit to liking.

Initially I dodged the Terminator 3 bullet. I was convinced that there was no way they could do it right. I dodged it in the theaters, and I dodged it on video for a while. But eventually a friend of mine basically tied me to a chair, peeled my eyes back CLOCKWORK ORANGE style, and forced me to take it. I found it marginally enjoyable. The magic of T2 was lost. A lot of things blew up, and that Loken girl was hot, but that is pretty much all I can remember. Oh wait, there was a scene with a casket or something. My memories fizz, spark and refuse to make a connection in regards to the film. I don't see myself going back to T3 ever again.

The hype is now on for TERMINATOR SALVATION this coming May. The pictures are showing up online. The rumors of the Governor of CA being on the set and doing a cameo are all in place. Batman himself is starring in the film and we are all supposed to line up and get Terminated one more time. I am sorry, but I'm really not feeling up to it at this time. Perhaps when May rolls around, I'll be up to it. Until then though, I am amassing all of the pictures and clips that I can find and scrutinizing the hell out of them. The truth of the matter is that I need a time machine so I can go back to when I was a kid and processed American cheese tasted wonderful. The original cheese of the TERMINATOR has been cleaned up for a broader audience. It has had a lot of monetary air blown through it to clean out the rot, like Sinclair's JUNGLE. I don't think that a lot of money can really clean up the cheese though. Check out the pictures and links for yourself in the Mediasaur forums.

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