Monday, March 30, 2009


Normally, I would drop a movie review into this spot for today. The fact is that I am constantly watching movies and I could conjure a review right now...but I am not feeling it. The Internet is slow this week, and upcoming cinema is even slower. So I figured it is time for an update as to how we are doing in our all-Internet takedown.

It has been a violent, forced birth in some ways. Initially, the Mediasaurs were supposed to be forum mongers. All of the strength was to be harnessed in the forums. However, we had no idea what it takes to build a forum community from scratch. Other successful forums have an "into." People are all there because of a rather narrow collective interest, such as a specific video game or car. The pop culture knowledge that we hive in the forums is deep, but it is also broad. There isn't a singular "Mediasaur product" we are selling. There is no singular focus for people to latch onto easily.

But within all of this diversity, we are meeting all sorts of cool people. Some of them we have known for some time, like Jakob at NERD HURDLES (more on that guy in a bit), and others we are getting to know like Herb West over at MYMAVRA. Then of course, there is my separated siamese twin brother Casson over at the MAKE STUDIO. From across the Atlantic there is CAPTAIN D who has more energy in regards to the Internet takedown than any person I have ever dealt with.

The Internet connections abound, and at times, they force my hand. An example of this would be my resistance to the notion of TWITTER and having to get into the mix because of an impostor trying to bite my game. Calling himself Mediasaurus Rex, this guy had amassed 800 followers on Twitter. You can look him up in Google (he is under my LINKEDIN, BTW). But the bottom line was that from what I could glean by lurking, this individual was an asshat, and I did not want people mistaking him for me. So I had to get in there. Apparently Twitter felt the same and suspended his account. I don't know if he will be back, but if he is, I am sure I will have a follow up to this very article. *edit* He is back.

Most key of all points lately has been the fact that the Mediasaurs need a podcast. Jakob at NERD HURDLES has made that clear to me on more than one occasion. Initially, I was so besieged with the day to day Mediasaur forum postings and Digg trolling that I didn't take him too seriously. But now I have ideas. Furthermore, I have a radio background, so I know the vocal timing drill. I have to hurry up and read my boosted PODCASTING FOR DUMMIES and get on with it. But those HARD CASE CRIME NOVELS are so good. Oh and BTW, I have one of the most interesting authors of that series, Christa Faust , as a friend on the Mediasaurs MYSPACE.

I am still trying to wrap my brain around this whole podcast concept though. And as I flex my sore grey matter in the direction of releasing the Mediasaurus Rex voice via poscast, I have only one spot that I truly respect as ground zero for the style I am going to bite--NERD HURDLES. I really have to hand it to my old friend Jakob for taking all forms of new media and bending them to his will. He has done that again with the podcast. Jakob is a groundbreaking individual. In the early-nineties, I remember that he was making art projects with broken CDs on canvas. He was too progressive. At that time I didn't even have a CD player.

To see first hand what I am talking about, you should check his site and listen to his "From Twilight to Twitter, your letters" podcast. Jakob has fused his humor, his nerd-fact knowledge and the art of podcasting into one very interesting, hilarious meal that drips with dry wit, finger-pointing and navel-gazing. So what is the point of all of this name-dropping and fact-showing? I really feel like we are building something here. There was an incredible amount of force exerted to get this thing moving with a specific vision in mind, but now it seems to be humming along in its own unexpected way. We still troll so you don't have to, but we have also become a cyber-popculture hub for propagating and discussing a wide array of subjects and interests.

And I know that there are many more voices out there that need to be heard in regards to pop-culture, the Internet and personal experience. If you have such a voice, I encourage you not to hesitate but to hit us up here. We will do our best to fit you into our universe.

Bottom line, is a work in progress. And I am beginning to think that it always should and will be.

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