Sunday, May 24, 2009


Well, once again my master plan has been foiled. I wanted to write a review for MEGA SHARK VERSUS GIANT OCTOPUS. I have a penchant for b-movies, and this one really fits the bill. This film isn't TROMA status, and it certainly doesn't have the gloss of effects of SNAKES ON A PLANE. But my MAIN problem with this film is that is it BORING. Friday night I tried to watch it and blacked out. Saturday I had it ripped down to my PSP and attempted to watch it in bed and woke up with my PSP upside down and drool coming out of my mouth. Sunday I scanned through all of the parts that I could barely remember and I felt that I was onto something when suddenly, I woke up Monday morning. I do plan on watching this thing all the way through, but I have lost a lot of interest in the subject since this past weekend.

My blogging plans for this week have been dashed at this point. However, I have been working on a blog that isn't directly a part of Mediasaurs or MYMAVRA that I need to hip you to. The blog in question is for JADA TOYS. If you don't know who they are, you need to take a stroll down the collectibles aisle in your local T.R.U. and look closely at the die-cast cars. There are several prominent companies that package and sell tricked-out toy cars, and JADA is one of them.

The product that initially got me fascinated with JADA was their interpretation of the "creampuff" 1963 Cadillac with the zebra interior from SCARFACE. If you know me at all, then you know that when I became an adult, I tried to put away childish things. Part of that process was the complete embrace of a film known as SCARFACE. But another thing about me, is that I still purchase and play with toys. This very Cadillac and the Scarface action figure were on the kitchen table this last weekend for all to see. Furthermore, I blogged about my love for the toy on their site.

I also have a love for the 1963 Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors. It has seen a lot of time in movies as well. Off the top of my head I can cite THE MATRIX and KALIFORNIA, but I know that there are a lot more. I have a story to tell about that car too, and I posted it at JADA as well.

I have a couple of other ridiculous car stories that will be posted up at Jada soon. I will backlink them to this page and to the Mediasaurs blog, and keep you in the loop. In the meantime, I plan on taking another run at the Shark movie and also at BACKDRAFT, which is a film I haven't seen in forever. Until then, feel free to hit me up in the Mediasaurs forums.

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