Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Initially I wanted to do a post where I compare WOLVERINE to the new STAR TREK movie. I thought that I could do a proper comparison and it would be smooth, simple and perhaps even insightful. They are films from two franchises with followings that want their beloved series done right.

However, after absorbing both films and taking in a lethal dose of media on both subjects, this won't be as easy as comparing apples and oranges. It would be more like apples and grapefruits.

In the spirit of efficiency, I am going to knock both of these out with a (fat) paragraph each.

The titles are linked to the Mediasaurs forums. They follow discussion on the films during their production all the way through to our current opinions.

This was a surprise. I was expecting some more X-MEN 3 trash, and what I got instead was a wonderful revenge story with a twist. The film is complex morally, but not complex a-la BATMAN. The truth lies in the fact that Wolverine gets exploited with his weaknesses. Yes, there are some pretty weak comic book lines like, "Look what the cat dragged in." But overall, this is a comic book movie with comic book physics and physiques. Hugh Jackman becomes Wolverine. He shows how it all started, and it works. There are other mutants throughout this film for varying amounts of time. It all works well as a solid set up for the first X-Men movie. I have to give a special nod to Liev Schreiber who becomes Sabertooth. Normally, Liev is some spineless guy caught in the machinery of some greater evil he can't control. As an actor, and as Sabertooth, Liev seems to have found his space. Seriously, Liev has been in a lot of movies, and he has never put down the menace, till now.

I hate JJ Abrahms. I don't get all of the hype about LOST, THE FRINGE or CLOVERFIELD. When I read awhile back that he wasn't even a Star Trek fan, I kissed this one right off. Well, I am here to eat my hat. This is a good movie. It too is an origin story, and it remains true to the personalities of the characters we all know from the original series. They are all tweaked slightly, and the effects are crisp and smooth, unlike any other Star Trek you have seen. It all feels new. This is, for the record, some of the most ridiculous sci-fi ever. Black holes apparently can let a lot more than light escape for example. DO you want to know what made Captain Kirk into the impulsive man we know from the series? Do you want to know the history behind Spock's inner-conflict/impulse-control issues? Do you want to hear an even more incomprehensible Chekov? All these things, and the quest for Uhura's first name make this film a wonderful experience. Oh, and Eric Bana as the Romulan Nero is some of the best casting I have seen in a Trek film, period. Abrahms delivers.Both films are worth your while.

Both will even be doper still with DVD extras in a few months.

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