Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My entire week has been all about trying to find something to present on the Mediasaurs front page that would be interesting. It is rather easy to find a piece of information about a stupid movie and present it in the forums. I had that experience with SATAN HATES YOU. But the truth of the matter is that mediocrity abounds, and it has for some time now. People are remaking the same old stuff. SATAN HATES YOU has so many references to ROSEMARY'S BABY in its trailer that you don't need to have seen the flick to get the message: the past is referenced to bring about the future. But seriously, a lot of these remakes and homages are better left undeveloped.

So I hunted online for an upcoming film worthy of attention. I was surprised to find that Wednesday clocked the Jack Black flick, YEAR ONE, at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes! This was a movie of such obvious failings that I had dismissed it completely. But the initial RT rating made me think for a hot minute that perhaps I should give it a chance. However the fall of this film from favor with the critics was fast and dramatic--re-dismissed. And the truth of the matter is that now I have this niggling in the back of my brain to watch CAVEMAN again.

I watched the preview for the Bullock/ Reynolds romantic dys-comedy THE PROPOSAL again and pondered Hollywood's love-affair with mediocrity. THE PROPOSAL looks like nothing more than a hunchbacked retread of GREEN CARD starring Gerard Depardieu.

In my introspection, I considered the fact that maybe I needed to look outside of the film medium and turn my attention to TV. A specific person in my universe had been hyping the HBO show, TRUE BLOOD . I watched season one and was dys-impressed, but in desperation I gave it another shot a few nights ago. I was right the first time around. TRUE BLOOD simply bites whatever dust Anne Rice left behind and throws Paquin's breasts into the mix. I really don't think that I am going to make it through season 2. That show sucks. Pun intended. I need to attack this one in a separate post.

So, last night in a fit of frustration, I sat down with three of my favorite people and watched THE FIFTH ELEMENT. Well, when I saw this film first-run in 1997, I hated it. I was coming off of a serious BLADE RUNNER bender and couldn't take the film unseriously enough. I still can't. I even posted about my dislike for it on my FACEBOOK and caught all sorts of grief from people who think differently.

I guess that THE FIFTH ELEMENT didn't take itself seriously at all, and this is what makes it sort of work. The nods to STAR WARS, BLADE RUNNER, SCARFACE and FRIDAY are whimsical. The effects are decent, and the story has its fingers in all religions/sci-fi lore/legends of all time. For some strange reason after more than a decade, it kind of stands. In 11 years no one is going to care about THE PROPOSAL or YEAR ONE. THE FIFTH ELEMENT is greater thanks to superior source material. I don't know what they need to do in Hollywood, but they aren't doing it.

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