Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It has been a slow week. Yes, last week was the big comic convention in San Diego, but seriously, the news coming out of there was lacking. Furthermore, the usual leaks have been plugged. I have had a beast of a time trying to lock down that IRON MAN 2 footage. When it shows, I will host it and front page it.

You doubt me? To back up the previous statement, I am posting a link to an unauthorized trailer for ZOMBIELAND. Lots of people are saying that ZOMBIELAND looks like SHAUN of the DEAD on the American tip. They might be right. However, this unauthorized trailer shows some promise. Woody Harrelson is a no-nonsense zombie destroyer, and it works. It is great to see Harrelson back and vicious. He hasn't had this kind of glint in his eye since NATURAL BORN KILLERS.

This trailer was up online for a few hours before it was yanked. It has pre-production marking all over it. Worth your time if you are even slightly curious.
*edit* If the above link is down, understand that it is the draft of the original RED_BAND trailer for this film which can be viewed here: