Monday, October 26, 2009


LAW ABIDING CITIZEN really took off in the Mediasaurs forums. LOCKNLOAD made the original post, and it snowballed from there. SPINAL VILLAIN gave the following SPOILER-FREE review:

Oh man this movie was a lot of fun! Gerrard Butler once again proves he's a manly man....but this time with his head and not his biceps(300).

From the word go, this movie is non-stop action or suspense. Butler's character is enigmatic and this helps the story line and suspense take it's grip on you as the movie progresses. Jaime Fox is great as a robotic workaholic who is more interested in a "high convictions rate" and "some justice is better than no justice" mentality. This is what the movie bases it's 'revenge' plot on; On how the system is broken and what isn't broken gets broken by bureaucratic red tape and complacency by those who work in it.

As the story delves deeper into the "hows" and "whys', Butler's character is exposed and we get a true sense of his genius the grandiose scheme he has in mind. The hunt for his ghostly accomplice is also a major sub-plot.

If you are looking for blood/cool death scenes, this movie will hold you over until SAW VI. There is a torture scene that is quite grim to behold, but it's not what you's what you hear.
Enough said. With one of the best ensemble supporting cast I've seen to include Colm Meaney(from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Con Air) as well a half a dozen or so others, helps make this movie the biggest breath of fresh air this year. I didn't see the ending coming up until it happened. Not so easy to do these days.

This movie also includes the greatest "Cell phones are bad for your brain" messages I have ever seen.


LOCKNLOAD came back immediately with the following:

I didn't waste any time. I saw this last night. The movie had me at the edge of my seat. Gerard and Jamie were excellent and so was the rest of the cast. I don't want to give anything away so I will leave it at that. My advice is that you need to just see it and don't ruin it by reading/watching too much before you see it.

The discussion proceeded to get heated as more people saw it. The theory that this film's plot was similar to that of THE DARK KNIGHT was presented by TRAPANI. All in all, the entire thread is a good read.