Saturday, October 31, 2009



Whywontyoudie?! brought it to our attention in the forums last week that the new SLAYER album had been leaked online.

Mediasaurus Rex retorted with the following:

That last album was so horrid this next one should be free.

I bought that last one opening day. It sucks so bad I have considered making it a vino coaster.

Franko chimed in with:

I think I will just listen to South of Heaven and pretend that it is the new one coming out.

And now SLAYER has released their trashy graphic novelesque videos for PLAYING WITH DOLLS. Here is the post from Mediasaurus Rex that kills it all:

2 vids. People are saying that they are creepy. I am finding this thing to be the most long-winded piece of bullshit misogyny I have ever witnessed.

Supposedly this is some graphic novel stuff, but it is wack, wack wack.

I find them to just be standard Slayer. Almost cornball. The gimp is on a rampage, and he stole that peeler's legs. OMG. He hacked off her hands. DEAR GOODNESS! The moon runs red with blood...etc, etc, etc...
Poor masseuse lady, she was kind of hawt. Now she has no limbs...etc, etc, etc...Poor waitress, her buxom chest is now missing etc, etc, etc...Poor motorcyclist. Poor bus-riding woman losing her face, etc, etc.

"Playing with dolls"

Part 1.

Part 2.

I have seen this movie on video shelves before. It was called FRANKENHOOKER.

Conclusion? SLAYER isn't even worth a free download.

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