Sunday, November 8, 2009


Co-Writer and Producer Shawn Lewis didn't like what was said. His response to the review was the following:

Glad that you enjoyed yourself at the Roxie screening, it was packed and a lot of fun.

As for your "review" I wish you hadn't spoiled the entire movie. Its beyond "spoilers" this is more of a scene for scene synopsis rather than a review.

Oh well, its your site, its all good, we just want people to talk about it and spread the word so thank you very much for that. Our film would be nothing without word of mouth.

Sorry but can't help but comment on a few things you wrote, I don't want to come off sounding like a whiny bitch, but a few things you said bug me:

"BLACK DEVIL DOLL is nothing to be proud of. Outside of some of the special effects and the employment of buxom women willing to be naked and leered at by a camera, two high school students with a camcorder and an apple computer could have pulled this off."

I and all who worked on this film are very proud of it. I'd rather be known for Black Devil Doll then winning a nobel peace prize! As crazy as that sounds its 100% true.

Two high school kids, a camera, and an apple computer is all it takes huh? Wow, you are completely clueless about what goes into making a film, completely in the dark my friend. Not even sure where to start with this comment. Black Devil Doll from day one until finish was 18 months of hard work. One 5 minute scene with the puppet could take weeks...It would take me hours here just to go into all the work to make this film look, and sound the way it does. Maybe the audio commentaries on the dvd will make it clearer to you but trust me, it was the most stressful, difficult, thing we have ever done. Yes some kids and a camera can make a movie, but what are the chances it would be well made, entertaining, playing to packed theaters all over the country and a hit at the Canne Film Festival?

And to be clear on this statement:

"the Lewis Brothers are very close to the mainstream. What they will do with their feet in the door is what should be watched"

The LAST thing we want is to be mainstream filmmakers. I do understand other filmmakers like Sam Raimi have gone that route but we did not make this film to get our foot in any kind of mainstream door. I thought that would have been pretty clear from the film itself. BDD is so far from anything in the mainstream. We were very surprised that that a film like this could be sold overseas.

Everything that comes from Me, my brother or our producing partners Mayes and Osteen you can bet will always be on the fringes and firmly placed in the underground. Simply put, we would much rather make films like Black Devil Doll than watered down Hollywood slop force feed to the masses.

Thanks for your time, and again thanks for coming out and supporting us!

-Shawn Lewis

Co-Writer/Producer Black Devil Doll

The subject has been kept alive in the forums. Yesterday, I'm Too Fivilous and Mediasaurus Rex sat down to watch the BLACK DEVIL DOLL DVD with the commentary on. The following is what Mediasaurus Rex said about it in the Mediasaurs BLACK DEVIL DOLL thread:

Ok, I'm Too Frivilous (or whatever his name is around here) and me sat down to watch the Black Devil Doll vid with the doll's commentary on.

2 words come to mind: Bull and shit.

I really keep on wanting to have hope for this horrible little film. The reason why is that I know that those Lewis brothers had a lot of fun putting it together. Furthermore, their marketing was solid. It seems to me that all of the fun that I have had with this film has had nothing to do with the film itself. Driving to SF and eating a crazy dinner at the Mezzanine and then waiting in line for an hour with John Lewis' cousin was a lot of fun. Sitting in a packed theater with a bunch of other heads was a lot of fun. Watching this film was not though.

Writing a scathing review was a lot of fun. Seeing that Shawn Lewis had to respond to my critique with some semblence of intelligence versus the regular pap-smear answer he gave to other critics was fun too.

Getting the DVD and ripping it to my PSP was fun.

Watching it again was not.

And yesterday, watching 15 minutes of the Devil Doll commentary and 15 minutes of the cast commentary wasn't fun either. I'm Too Frivilous (or whatever his damn name is) was leaning on the 4 Lokos. I should have joined him. I pride myself in thinking that we can find humor in just about anything. But BDD leaves us rather...bored. Maybe slightly that dazed feeling you have when you have fallen and gotten the wind knocked out of you.

The "No piracy" rape cartoon at the beginning of the DVD is offendingly amusing. There is a tangible threat that the doll will come in here and rape my girlfriend if I pirate this piece of shit. But in public, these guys are whinging on Twitter: @THE_PIRATEBAY hard enough trying to make $$ these days with an independent film, I'd like to make more films, can you remove this please?

If this was my film, I would invest the time to make a bunch of bad torrents like the rest of Hollywood does. I would use it as an opportunity to promote myself. I remember when DANNY THE DOG was pirated and after 10 minutes of actual film footage, the director and Jet Li came onscreen and did an impromptu plug for the film with some behind the scenes stuff. To send a retarded tweet off to Pirate bay isn't going to stop the piracy. Neither is some goddamn rape cartoon. You have to negotiate the seas with the pirates and give them something that they want, or value. The Lewis Brothers could really use he piracy of their film for profit. Did they think it wasn't going to get pirated? They released the BDD sex scene torrent last year online (c'mon boys, I know that was you).

I'm basically calling them out as lazy hacks.

BLACK DEVIL DOLL SUCKS. I can't really think of any value in it. I would torrent the stuff out there myself, but the film really isn't worth it. Yeah. I said it.

This is one of those things where the concept is a lot of fun, but the actual product fails somehow.

- The concept is unoriginal
- These guys aren't taking movie making as a serious craft. Initially I said that this film looked like something 2 high school students with an apple computer pulled off. I am still there.
- In one way or another we have seen it all before.
- I have to give it up to the doll though...he really says some funny things.
- This film takes old-school blaxploitation and sexploitation films and simply re-packages them. There isn't anything new being brought to the table here. - The film is a tv dinner of misogyny, racism and rape. To squint and look at it as "humourous" or "entertaining" is something that can be done if there is a palpable intelligence working on the writing end. These guys took the lazy route and just went straight to the gutter. They didn't ponder the gutter and show it from many different angles, thereby demonstrating some sort of consideration for the subject matter.
- What drives this film is cringe and shock factors, which are good for one viewing at best.
-In truth this doesn't hold up against a real blaxploitation film, which you can go back to and watch again and again. I give you one solid viewing of this thing, and then there is no reason to get back to it. I thought a commentary track would help, but I was completely mistaken.

I could go on, but I think I have made myself pretty clear.


I'm done with this film, and this thread I think.