Sunday, November 1, 2009


There are two SAW VI reviews in the MEDIASAURS Forums that are noteworthy. One by SITHLORD and the other by SPINAL VILLAIN. They both contain spoilers. They are both superior. Here they are:

SAW VI: A Badass Movie Review with a little sithness

Most people familiar with the series already know what to expect, and this movie is not deviating from that course. This movie gives tremendous insight into the backgrounds of John Kramer (aka Jigsaw), but also to Det. Hoffman.

SAW VI opens in typical fashion: A gut-wrenching trap/test. I do believe the woman involved was the Scream Queen winner, but I am not positive. After the inititial test, the movie continues exactly where SAW V left us.

While this episode focuses on "Hoffman's tests", what it also delves in, is how carefully planned and thoughtout Jigsaw's tests were as compared to Detective Hoffman's. Hoffman's technique and clean-up is flawed while Jigsaw's are practically flawless and untraceable. Furthermore, this story goes in-depth with Jigsaw's past and it becomes even clearer his motive and reasoning for his test subjects. He chooses people that are often despicable. Unworthy of the life they have been given, to use his words. Yet, we see that so many of these victims are connected to his life. The flashbacks are plentiful in this installment, but not only in Jigsaw's past; scenes from every SAW make an appearence. We get a more grim picture as to why Jigsaw is who he is. While I believe the most interesting villainous characters are created, rather than born; Jigsaw is no exception. Previously, we were led to believe it was a single tragic accident that shaped Jigsaw's mind and drove him forward. This is not the case: Multiple events and people manipulating the system had an equally catastrophic shaping of Jigsaw's mind.......which hardened his steely resolve. We are also shown some unexpected character interactions that helped sculpt events in previous SAW movies. You won't see them coming.

Unexpected characters only further twist the plot, yet the final destination will become clear. The closing moments will probably be guessed by the masses......until the last few seconds of the abrupt ending of this film. It's a tricky and devastating tactic: it doesn't give you time to piece anything else together because the movie ends. Unfortunately, it leaves many unanswered questions (til Oct. 2010).

SAW VI is nitty and gritty as it is gruesome. While gory in a SAW way, it tries to show how human nature is not a mathmatical equation. You cannot try to put the will to live in a formula. Preachy?? Subjectively, YES. Enjoyable?? To the last second.


And then there is this one:

Spoilers are no longer out of bounds.

My first impression of the film is a good, yet a slightly confused one. This movie set a massively different tone. Like all previous installments of SAW, we first meet Det. Hoffman in SAW III and he is enigmatic and mysterious. That mystery, begins to lift more and more(moar) with each cinematic installment, we learn of Hoffman exactly in the same fashion as we learned about Jigsaw. Det. Hoffman is arrogant and sloppy....and, at times, desperate. Desperation typically gets people caught. This film was delivered with a huge sub-plot with the insurance big wigs and his "dog pen" cohorts. The way it was filmed was necessary, but at times, not as enjoyable.

The film spent as much time in the past as it did in the present. I now look to the future...but moar on that later.

The Good:
The producers did not pull any punches on the gore this round. Like Hostel and the SAW films of past, this latest installment will no doubt earn it's rightful place on the mantel of "torture porn". And rightly so. It's fun to watch these people do the unimaginable to their own bodies. What makes it even more fun is the truth behind Jigsaw's prophetic advice and outlook on life(and death).
Probably the goriest of the franchise to date. Debatable, but my take nonetheless.
Seeing Hoffman getting put into Amanda's trap = priceless cinematic entertainment. Maybe in SAW VII he'll be thrown into a pit of needles. His escape was almost as awesome as Agent Strahm's escape in SAW V.

The plot and it's sub-plots were solid. I enjoyed the police scenes and how they are trying to piece everything together and that no one is above suspicion. A good amount of realism.

Lots of questions were answered(thank god). I always wanted to know about the letter Amanda got. Too bad it happened four films later. Not to mention the box Jigsaw left his wife(did anybody notice her larger than life jugs. For a woman her age....she's obviously the silicone god!). Good deal.
Seeing Amanda being indirectly responsible for Jigsaw's son's death decent shocker. Moar to come on the good...

The Bad:

That black lady and the fat man in the beginning have no doubt just contributed the worst horror death/survival acting scene I have seen. Not even believable. Their raunchy performances were masked by a slick director using shock and awe to capture your attention instead of paying attention to their sub-acted agony.

Why did Hoffman want Dr. Lynn Deleon killed? And why would he want Amanda to do it? ANSWER ME NAO!!

Why was Hoffman put into a trap with no tape and no way to other words, why did Jigsaw put it in his will to his(big jugged)wife to kill him?? WTF!

Insurance big wig would never have been able to walk or even think straight after the first time he pulled the "relieve her" lever and put all that steam on him, let alone be able to withstand it that long or even multiple times. Bah-humbug!

Overall impression: SAW VI delivered on all fronts.

-Gore was good to go(slightly hard to watch at times).
-Plot twist was excellent although I saw(SAW) half of it coming(Hoffman being tested...who else could have been in envelope #6 that she would purposely withhold?).
-I didn't see the Tara twist, that was superb, and this is exactly why I love this franchise.

The future...

I anticipate SAW VII to be about Jigsaw(we can call her "Jugsaw") and her back story as well as the new rivalry between Jugsaw and Hoffman as they duke it out to take over the Jigsaw legacy. Not to mention the continuing ensnarement of Hoffman as the now prime suspect in the Jigsaw murders.

I need more thumbs to give this movie.

The Mrs. said "Yay...I like SAW again" as we left.

Fun fact: I listened to Slayer "World Painted Blood" while I wrote this.

The symbolism....