Saturday, February 27, 2010


TRON LEGACY hype has been ridiculous this week. JAKOB, the Mediasaurs’ Canadian connection, was in on the event.

Finally the houselights dimmed. The Scotiabank IMAX theatre in Toronto, half-full of devoted Tron fans, was about to show us . . . something.

We didn't know what. Speculation was rampant. Was it going to be the new trailer and then a pre-screening of Alice in Wonderland? Was it going to be a scene titled "The Pit Cell"? This possibility seemed most likely since the viral website from which this collection of dedicated nerds had scored free passes to this event is called What everyone was hoping, of course, was that they'd show the whole film—nearly a year before its release date.

Why else would there be a strict no cell phone policy? Certainly they'd be showing more than just a trailer. A trailer is, after all, just a commercial, and you want as many people as possible to see your commercial, right? And the hoops people needed to jump through to get these tickets were too numerous for a paltry reward. Love and dedication should be rewarded, right?

Clearly, something big was going to go down. You could feel it in the air. The vibe in the theatre was electric, and now that the lights were down, lightening was about to strike.

Except it didn't.

It was just the trailer—the trailer that anyone will be able to see with Alice in Wonderland starting next week. And it wasn't even a good trailer.

If there'd been any lingering fears that a Hayden Christensen-type block of wood was going to be cast to play Kevin Flynn's son, those fears were realised. The kid is entirely uncharismatic except for a slight whiff of douchebag.

Of course, he's the star of the trailer which focuses on the real-world setup of the new movie. After a heart-to-heart with Bruce Boxleitner and street-racing his motorcycle, Flynn Jr. finds a secret lab in the back of Flynn Sr.’s abandoned arcade and gets zapped into Tron-land. Then there are a few quick flash-cuts of lightcycles, recognizers, and identity disc duels with hot program babes, and the trailer ends.

It's about a minute long.

And entirely underwhelming. You could feel the pheromones of disappointment expelled by the audience seeping into your skin as it dawned on everybody that this was it. It wasn't even shown twice. Expletives were muttered as people dejectedly tossed their 3D glasses into the basket on their way out.

Speaking of the 3D, it's old school crap 3D. It's not even in the same game, much less on the same court as Avatar. And it was clearly a Disney afterthought that Tron needed to be cutting edge.

The original trailer (first leaked, what, a year ago?) was far more inspiring. It created a sense of anticipation and a hunger for more Tron. I can see why they didn't want this new trailer leaked hence the no cell phone rule. When the angry mob of nerds starts blogging about this event tonight, Disney won't want them to be able to illustrate their postings with poorly framed cell phone video of this boring-ass trailer.

Jakob Rehlinger,