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-By Tom Carney

Note: The following could be greatly expanded. However space considerations will not allow that. The themes which are presented are present in many of the minor characters as well as in the entire way the film was made.

I look at this film as a work of art, in the same sense that a painting, a lyric poem, a play or novel is a work of art. It is an extended metaphor which serves as the vehicle for an inner-realized truth or concept. So I am not looking at this film as a film critic. My personal view is that as good art, it does not beat one over the head and shoulders with didactic moral pronouncements. The film does an excellent job of delivering the heart of its insight on a multidimensional level. Hence, this film is speaking to many people on many levels.

For me, the baseline insight has to do with consciousness and humanness. Corporal Jake Sully is a human being. The word corporal comes “from the doctrine that the bread of the Eucharist becomes or represents the body of Christ” (Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary). Jake’s last name, Sully, actually means “to make soiled or tarnished: defile” (Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary). Jake’s name as well as his crippled body are metaphors for the ruinous, corrupting results which inevitably flow from the actions of the consciousness which dominates humanity on the planet from which he comes, Earth. Other characters in the film model other kinds of defilement.

The film unfolds on a moon of the planet Polyphemus.—It is interesting to note that Polyphemus is the name of the Cyclopes who trapped Ulysses and his men in his cave and proceeded to eat them two at a time. In the myth, the “wily” Ulysses manages to blind the Cyclops and escape.—The moon, named Pandora, is a totally harmonious and beautiful home, which I assume is nothing like the barbarous place, Polyphemus.

An Aside:
The moon, Pandora, relates to the Pandora myth, and has many levels of meaning. I personally cannot accept the analysis of the myth that has Zeus creating Pandora, the first woman, as punishment for Prometheus stealing the fire. This is the same basic spin, the angry hateful god who punishes wrong doers, that was put on the Garden of Eden metaphor. It is a sophistic effort to obfuscate the real message of the Prometheus metaphor.

In my view of this myth, the Fire which Prometheus apparently stole was being held hostage, not by God or Zeus, as He was called in those days, but by the Other Guys. Why would God, who created us in his image, the image of fire, want to keep fire from his incarnated Self?

Prometheus’s stealing of the Fire was more like liberating it and making the Path to the Light available for everyone. Prometheus was an earlier Avatar. He demonstrated with his life and actions the path for Humanity into the Light. We must be willing to sacrifice everything to gain entrance into the Light.

Likewise, the creation of woman, Pandora, as a punishment to mankind for stealing the Fire is as silly as the spin put on the Garden of Eden metaphor. It must be admitted, however, that these spins have been accepted as truth for a very long time. However, present common sense simply rejects them as nonsensical.

The planet Pandora is an appropriate metaphor for the function of Woman as an essential aspect of evolution. The Planet carries the feminine frequency of Goodwill. This is obvious, in the harmony and beauty of the planet’s workings. It is also underlined in the way consciousness works in these human beings. Their role on Pandora is stewardship. They are guided by the recognition and embodiment of the Principles of Essential Divinity, Goodwill, and Unanimity and the Laws of Right Human Relations, Group Endeavor, and Spiritual Approach.

The frequencies of the Father and the Mother are present in both the men and the women through the agency of Love. Love as a relating energy is very visible in the harmony and balance of the nature kingdoms. Love is also present in many of the scenes which show the human relations with nature and each other, especially in those involving the interchanges between Zoe (a name pregnant with allusions.) and Jake like the scene in which Zoe is infuriated because she has to kill several animals to save the child Jake, and including the mating of Zoe and Jake—a metaphor of the power of love to bridge between planets.

In this respect we can see the ruined and corrupted Corporal Jake Sully whose Fire has been banked and all but snuffed out by the dominant consciousness on his home planet as coming to Pandora and being resurrected, made whole and clean. His sleeping Fire, the consciousness of love for all beings including himself, is re-ignited through the ritual sacrifice of his ruined body and the expulsion of his self-hate distorted consciousness.

In the final scenes we see the defeat of the archetypes of self-hate, that consciousness which is truly alien to humanity: the psychotic character of Colonel Miles Quaritch and the amoral, totally self-centered and calculating Corporate Executive, Parker Selfridge. Of the two, Parker Selfridge is the more dangerous. He is a metaphor for the Other Guys. These individuals use people such as Colonel Quaritch in whom the human consciousness has been totally alienated to gain their ends without regard for anything that might stand in their way, including the Home Tree which they systematically destroy and the Soul Tree which they intend to destroy. The attempt to use Jake Sully for their ends fails because he has retained a spark of human consciousness which is reignited.

Thus Jake becomes a true Avatar. He carries the frequency of determination, of the Will to Good, the Will to overcome adversity, and through the fusion of his will with the Goodwill of the people of Pandora, basically saves the people, and by extension, the planet from destruction

At the end of the film we see the long line of Earth humans returning to their planet. It is possible that the consciousness of many, or at least some, of the men and women who lived through the events on Pandora was stimulated and brought to life again. Thus, in a kind of reverse play of Ulysses’ escape from Polyphemus, they leave the planet of two eyed and return to the planet of the One Eyed of their origin. They are seed carriers, viruses that may help other Earth humans to throw off the alien, single eyed consciousness which sees and values personal power and the dense physical plane and has gained dominance over their Planet.

In the end the shape, color, size of the body in which consciousness is housed is not the point. It is clear that the alien consciousness is embodied by many of those who came from Planet Earth. It is love which is the point, love which requires two eyes to see Truth. The beauty and possibilities of how the Will to Good of the Father and the Goodwill of the Mother can manifest when joined through the agency of Love is infinite. Pandora is an excellent example.

-Tom Carney

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