Wednesday, March 24, 2010


For the past several weeks the fanboy universe has been exploding with rumors and speculation about who will be the next Captain America. It has been rather sickening because Captain America is a lame Marvel Comic character to begin with. The Falcon is much cooler. Yesterday, the world was ablaze with the news that Chris Evans will be Captain America in the upcoming movie. While it is great that there will one day be an Avengers tie-in film with Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) and Iron Man (Sherlock Holmes) this Chris Evans character is about as weaksauce as weaksauce gets. Chris Evans is the smart-assed asshat that played The Human Torch in those two horrific Fantastic Four movies. I cite Evans' character and performance as the stupidest of that stupid series. Somehow the powers that be feel that he should foul-up yet another part of the Marvel Universe. This whole endeavor reeks of FAIL.

-Mediasaurus Rex