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This landed in the Mediasaurs email box a minute ago and it is pretty cool.

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The Expendables, a manly, spoiler-riffic BADASS movie review.

Sly Stallone returns in a much anticipated action movie that is sure to get many mixed reviews. And why would it get mixed reviews; meaning that some would hate it and others would love it? Because THE EXPENDABLES isn't just any movie. It's a MANLY movie. Manly movies are not meant for everyday Joes. This is a move that houses the biggest names in both past and present day action movies.
Now, if you're interested in long-winded scripts, thought provoking screen plays or Shakespearean dialogue, you might want stop reading here and go see INCEPTION. If you want a rockin', kick-ass time out at the theater, by all means, read on.

The team of Expendables is being called up for a job.
The mission is supposedly simple, set-up by DIE HARD action movie star, Bruce Willis, who plays Mr. Church(the irony of that is just overly hilarious), a shadowy fellow who offers the job to the two best teams. The other rival merc team leader enters and it's none other than the Governator himself. What ensues is laughable exchange of insults that is based on past movies and characters as well as real life situations. It’s a very enjoyable scene that gets downplayed in the commercials.

Stallone and Statham go on a recon mission that is soon botched and both decide to pass on the job as it is a suicide mission drafted by the C.I.A. intended to either get rid of the mercs or kill one of their own because the C.I.A. doesn't want to get their hands dirty for fear of a press field day if it's discovered.

After a brief, nostalgic discussion with Sly's friend and former teammate, Mickey Rourke, Stallone is struck with guilt because of the girl on the botched recon mission who is now being tortured to give information about The Expendables team. Stallone decides to do this Rambo-style and that a one man army is good enough to satisfy his grief. Long story short, his friends and fellow teammates tag along.

Jason Statham gets a large and prominent roll in this move. In fact, it's as much about him as it is Sly Stallone. Being a merc for hire is hard on Statham's love life and after a month of no phone calls, his girlfriend is already frolicking around in a short mini with some overly macho, easily intimidated ass-wipe.

The Expendables pulls out all the stops when it comes to fire power. The team uses state of the art guns to achieve their objectives. Automatic shotguns, throwing knives, night vision, custom gear and enough C-4 to orbit Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger, are all prominently displayed for an explosive cinematic experience that pays homage to the 80's and 90's action movies.

This movie does have its serious moments, like the waterboarding of the previously mentioned civilian girl to gain information about the Expendables team. And of course, it's Latin America we're in as well, so drugs play a role as well as corrupt American Officials.

The only major gripe I have with movie was Eric Roberts. His character looked like it was molded from a stressed-out, less slicked version of Pat Reilly (ex-L.A. Lakers coach). Most of the screen time he had was pretty much painful to endure. I was glad when Statham, Stallone and Li came back on screen because their manliness and humor brought much needed relief to my eyes and ears due to Roberts over acting and horrible dialogue. A high-school thespian could easily have been cast over Roberts, who, at one time was a great actor. What was director Sly Stallone thinking when he was viewing Roberts’ auditions?

The pros on this movie vastly outweigh the cons. And exactly why is that, you ask? Because I knew precisely what I was going into when I went to see this (besides my trolling from I knew it was NOT going to be INCEPTION or LORD OF THE RINGS. I knew, rather, it was going to be TANGO AND CASH (Stallone and Statham), or THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, or RAW DEAL or the like. I'm more than fine with that. Sometimes a little less is a little more.

Overall it's a manly movie with hardcore firepower, vintage fight sequences with modern execution, lots of C-4 and a couple of hot chicks to boot, as well as a dump-truckload of testosterone.

Guys night out just hit a new milestone.

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By: Mediasaurus Rex

There has been a lot of interesting underground noise about SPARROW, an urban legend horror film that recently was filmed in Poland. We have been clocking it in our forums, and we have seen a lot of pics from the set released. As its release gets closer (we're hearing Halloween), SPARROW is gaining even more of an underground buzz. The official SPARROW webpage is full if compiled interviews and tidbits. The film now has an IMDB page and an ambiguous teaser trailer. In our hunt for more, actor Thomas James Longley answered a few of our questions.

IMDB cites SPARROW as your first acting gig. Can you tell us about any other acting experience that you have had?
Well, I recently graduated from the National Youth Theatre in London, and before that I was doing a lot of stage work. I also did a few short films and commercials, but Sparrow was my first feature.

How did you get associated with the SPARROW project?
I was offered an audition by Shaun, the director, and eventually I had to meet with the producer. I then auditioned in front of him and he liked me, so I was offered a role. I was talking to Shaun the other day about this actually, and at one point I was being considered for Duncan. But Eric auditioned pretty darn well for that part, so I was bumped to Matt instead (laughs).

Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of the character Matt that you play in SPARROW?
Matt’s the nice guy—everyone’s friend—which is why he’s the leader, I suppose. He’s an all round fun guy, straight forward, but definitely in charge. You know, there doesn’t tend to be a lot of characterization in teen horrors, but Matt was sort of nicely understandable for me. Something to get my teeth into without there being too much to think about as an actor . . . which allowed me to do a lot of running about, shouting, looking scared.

Every movie set has its "ridiculous story" of either a series of mishaps or something really funny happening. Can you tell us the one for SPARROW?
Hmm, well there were a few days when there were a lot of technical issues, but I suppose the funniest was the amount of takes needed for certain scenes. I wouldn’t dream of giving too much away. Shaun would kill me. But there’s a scene involving Jack [W. Carter] that Faye and I were standing about for, since we were involved before and after it, that took a LOT of takes. It was very difficult for Carter to keep still, as I remember, and it went on all day. Thinking back, it was kinda funny, but it must’ve been so frustrating for him.

How many days was the shoot?
A month, but I was there for about three weeks of it.

What is your favorite horror film?
Oh wow! These kinds of questions are so difficult to answer. I loved THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT when I saw it. But I also really enjoyed SIGNS, you know, the M. Night Shyamalan film. Does that count as a horror? Oh, and there’s this little Canadian indie film called INCIDENT IN LAKE COUNTY that I really like. It’s quite similar to Blair Witch actually.

The official website basically states that SPARROW is about a bunch of high school kids on a camping trip where a historic murder has taken place. Can you add more to this?
To be fair it’s pretty standard teen horror stuff. But at the same time there isn’t really a lead character as such. And because of that, there’s a certain level of absence about the film—perhaps no obvious core—which allows the film to be more terrifying, more genuinely jumpy than an overtly based character piece with obvious leads. It’s hard to explain, but it’s quite clever, really. You’ll know when you see it.

Would you say that SPARROW is more BLAIR WITCH PROJECT or FRIDAY THE 13th?
Both, but possibly leaning more towards the latter. Without becoming too graphic, it certainly has a few surprises.

Is SPARROW more along the lines of psychological horror or will there be splatter as well?
I suppose the film could be split into different sections. For most of the movie that involves the teens, there’s a lot of developing tension, and it begins to get eerie. But of course, a few splatters are shown here and there. And then after a certain point, it sort of descends into chaos.

Is SPARROW drawn from an actual urban legend?
I’m not sure, but Matt, the writer, did say he was inspired by a few real ideas. Of course, it’s probably just an exaggeration of an already established urban legend. There are loads out there. So don’t go camping in the woods! (laughs)

How long has SPARROW been in production?
Wojciech Stuchlik bought the rights at the beginning of this year, I think, so not too long. Naturally, as the cast, we were brought into the production latest, so for us it’s all been quite the whirlwind.

How big was the budget for SPARROW?
Very small, actually. About £50,000, when I was last told. It may have risen since, though, due to post-production, but it was done really well and efficiently on a very small budget.

When can we see a US release of the film?
Well, it’s going to do the film festival circuit, so it should be hitting some pretty major US ones. Other than that, it’ll be released on DVD.

When will we be able to see a trailer for it?
It’s out now, actually. But it hasn’t yet been heavily promoted. It’s on youtube I think. [We found the teaser trailer here]

What is next for you as an actor?
Well, I have a few films I’m attached to, so I’m keeping myself busy. I’m looking forward to doing quite a few projects in the US, actually, so I’m excited. It should be a lot of fun.

Check the SPARROW official website here


More SPARROW production pics than you can handle here

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By: Mediasaurus Rex

ZOMBIE PUPPETS is an upcoming movie that summarizes itself like this on the OFFICIAL WEBSITE:

Once upon a time… the puppet town of “ Crystal Meadow” was attacked by the living dead! Faced with certain death, the cuddly puppets found help from Rags the Bunny, an outlaw who lived in the nearby puppet slums of “Pistol Ghetto”.

Together they learned life lessons, sang songs, killed zombies, and uncovered the cause of the Zuppet Apocalypse.

After hearing about this project from various dark corners, I did what needed to be done. I tracked down the director, Dean and hit him with questions that I and some members of the Mediasaurs forums had come up with. What follows are some of the most interesting responses I have ever gotten in an interview session.

The concept of ZOMBIE PUPPETS is both horrifying and hilarious. Can you give us a thumbnail sketch of its genesis?

Mexican Food and Angst. I was eating a meal with my family at Cocina Del Charro, a local taqueria, and I was basically ignoring everyone, racking my brain for a film idea that would work on a low budget, would be something I would want to see, something other people would want to see, and a film that some eccentric dude of questionable talent (that would be me) could make.

Bad idea after bad idea kept coming, and I got pissed (not drunk, unfortunately). Suddenly, an image popped into my head—it was Grover (from SESAME STREET, of course), his eye hanging from its socket and blood dripping from his lips. He snarled, “brains” and then bit my arm. I basically did a “spit take” with a mouthful of iced tea and announced to my father that I knew what movie I was going to make next, ZOMBIE PUPPETS.

My whole family started LOL’ing, and I went to work.

The promo art at the ZOMBIE PUPPETS website is fantastic, so much so that it could stand alone. Will there be any sort of graphic novel/comic book tie-in with the project?

Thanks, I am glad you like the artwork. It would be a crime not to make an outlet for it. PREPARE for some epic moves in this arena. The design team is experimenting with some transmedia web comic applications, and a graphic novel or comic book is definitely in the near future.

It looks like ZOMBIE PUPPETS will be an R-rated film. Is that correct? Can we expect splatter, profanity, and adult themes? Is it horror? Is it comedy? Will it be for teenagers? Kids?

R-rated, and more splatter profanity and adult themes than you can shake a stick at. It’s primarily a comedy, but it plays on horror clichés, and let’s be honest . . . teenagers and kids are going to see it, and love it, just like I saw ROBOCOP and every 80s video nasty when I was 9 years old. THANKS DAD! (Seriously, parental guidance strongly suggested!)

The film is also pretty sophisticated in how it blends the puppet and horror worlds together, so I hope audiences are both shocked and delighted by the effort we put into the screenplay and concept.

ZOMBIE PUPPETS is made for adults, primarily those adults who remember being kids, watching all the classic Puppet Movies of the 80s, and growing up with HE-MAN and other branded entertainment.

Hopefully everyone finds the idea of innocent puppet animal characters trying to deal with serious life and death issues—in song—freaking hilarious.

The concept and filming of such a project must be baffling. Where are you going to film it? Are you making the puppets? Are you having someone else do that? How many sets do you plan to create?

Puppets are a beast to deal with. Even getting a puppet to like, walk across the room takes 1-3 puppeteers to coordinate, so it takes forever. Also I have no background in puppets, so what the hell am I doing?! LOL. Basically, it’s hard as hell but totally worth it! I mean, if I wanted easy, I would have become a doctor, or a chemist.

The puppets are being designed by a team of really cool dudes out in the Philippines who are just completely the right guys for the job. The puppets are being built by the same dudes behind the Broadway musical “Ave Q,” and we will shoot the whole movie on location in the slums of Manila (Philippines) (sort of like CITY OF GOD meets THE MUPPET SHOW!) and on a few sound stages for the more YO GABBA GABBA style stagey sets.

All the casting /voice work /and some post production will occur state-side out of Los Angeles.

Can you give us some background on James the producer and yourself and how you came to work together on this project?

James and Dean both went to middle school together and were a couple of “brains” in the GATE class. (Gifted and Talented Education!), but in high school they sort of went their own ways. James smoked a ton of weed, lifted weights for 8 years, and became like 200 pounds (he’s now more reasonably sized), and Dean got straight D’s and became a competitive break dancer.

In their 20s James became a serial entrepreneur doing a bunch of tech nonsense, and Dean went to San Diego State and got a film degree. They re-united via the cliché power of Facebook sometime in 2009.

I (Dean) basically convinced James to jump into the film business by telling him it would help him get chicks. The joke was on me because James totally looks like a vampire and has no trouble getting chicks. :(

This is not the WHOLE STORY, but seriously, who cares about James and Dean?

ZOMBIE PUPPETS has "cult hit" written all over it, but what kind of movie aficionado do you think will be attracted to it?

I would say if you’re a fan of the retro 80s puppet movies, the MUPPETS, or any contemporary “hip” children’s programming (like YO GABBA GABBA), you will find something to like.

If you’re into zombies you will also find much to like.

At the end of the day ZOMBIE PUPPETS is being made for the early adapters, but I foresee it becoming the type of film about which a friend goes, “OMG, you haven’t seen this shit yet! Holy shit, get over here right now and check this shit out!”

Also, if this movie can get a young man laid because he reveals that his DVD collection contains ZOMBIE PUPPETS, and the girl goes “YOU ARE TEH AWESOME” and lays him, just like Sam from QUANTUM LEAP, I can finally leap home.


I am sure that you have already heard comparisons to Jackson's MEET THE FEEBLES. How would you define the differences between PUPPETS and FEEBLES?

We clearly stand in the shadow of FEEBLES -- I saw FEEBLES in the 90s via bootleg VHS acquired from the comic-con, so I was very aware of what Jackson had accomplished with that movie.

My favorite part of FEEBLES is the DEER HUNTER section in the middle, which I always thought was the most entertaining and successful section of the movie, so any similarities will reside there.

With that being said, the movies couldn’t be more different. ZP plays more with the clichés of the horror genre and really tries to paint the picture of a utopian, Disney-esque world that is turned upside down.

How big is the voice cast going to be?

Probably between 6-10, with multiple characters being played by the same actor. As we finalize casting, I will keep you updated. I may even have a surprise or two.

Will there be any moments (as in SESAME STREET) where humans actually interact with the puppets? Will there be any "body-suit" puppets like Sweetums or Big Bird?

Yes! There is one human in the film, a woman with cat ears who plays “Polly Esther” the cat (the female lead). Oh, we gots body suits! Unity Corn the Unicorn and two top secret characters that are the bee’s knees :)

In regards to production value, are you aiming towards THE MUPPET SHOW or more in a Sid and Marty Krofft direction? Or do you have a different ideal?

You are right in the ball park here. To be lame I will say 80% MUPPETS and 20% Sid and marty Krofft.

I am definitely going for nostalgia here and not trying to re-invent the puppet genre. The fun to be had with this concept is taking what is familiar and placing it in a totally off the wall situation.

When can we expect a trailer?

Expect a trailer to ignite teh internetz Jan 2011.

How big is the budget for this project?

I am hoping to finish the whole project for well under six figures . . . but I might lose my mind and blow the farm on some crazy puppet epic.

(The above pic is of Rags, the star of ZOMBIE PUPPETS)


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