Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Nov. 21, 2010

Remember the 90s Stallone JUDGE DREDD? Remember all of that stupid stuff like Rob
Scheider and the fact that the Judge took his helmet off? Remember when the Angel family
was introduced and Mean Machine was taken out in about 30 seconds? I have these
memories and they hurt me. JUDGE DREDD didn't have to be an abomination. It didn't have to
be a Stallone vehicle and the source material is stronger than the Hollywood mess that we got.

I clocked a lot of my childhood poring over 2000 AD progs and being scared late at night of
mutants and killer polar bears. The upshot was that I was totally obsessed with the star of the
series, Judge Dredd. Judge, jury and executioner. Yes, at times he managed to get out of
situations that should have killed him by some 9th hour writing tricks, but I loved the concept.

I followed the Judge Child Quest and was blown away by Brian Bolland's art back in the 80s.
John Byrne? Byrne was a slob and a hack. Blolland was putting it down, beautifully.

Well, the Judge Dredd reboot is in production, and Karl Urban is going to be the man. Karl
Urban, you know, Dr. McCoy in that STAR TREK directed by the fool who is responsible for that
LOST trash. Karl Urban, you know, the only actor worth a damn starring with all of those
washed-up actors in RED. Look at the above picture and tell me that this doesn't capture the
very essence of the Judge we all know and love.

I have no hope for TRON or any other remakes/reboots coming down the pipe, but I am lighting
a candle for JUDGE DREDD. I hope to God on high that they get it right.

-Mediasaurus Rex